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Guitar Stands and Ukulele Stands to fit in your instrument case

K-Stand Instrument Stands

  • Patent Pending design.

  • Unique new design in instrument stands.

  • Innovative hinging and interlocking arm design.

  • Easy to set up, easy to take down, easy to take-along.

  • It’s hand-crafted wood design is solid, sturdy and attractive.

  • A great addition as an attractive display to show off your instrument.

  • Provides a stable support for acoustic guitars, ukuleles or other similar instruments.

  • Less than a 1/2 inch high when flat taking up very little space inside your instrument case.


CKdream is the wife and husband team of Carol and Keith Kimura currently residing in Gardena, California.

K-Stand began as a Christmas gift from Keith for Carol, who is a Ukulele player. As he designed and built the first one he soon realized the idea was quite unique and explored the opportunity for a market. K-Stand has evolved several times from that Christmas gift to the Patent-Pending version here.
Each K-Stand is hand crafted by Keith and Carol. We would like to grow from a “garage” operation to a more advanced production operation. To do so we will launch a Kickstarter campaign in early 2019 to fund our new startup. You can support us by joining our mailing list on the Order Form to keep informed of our progress.

Our Mission

The mission of CKdream is to uncomplicate life’s little details through innovation, creativity and imagination.

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