K-Stand for Soprano and Concert Ukuleles

K-Stand for Soprano and Concert Ukuleles

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The 10 inch high K-Stand Instrument Stand is sized to fit cases for Soprano Ukuleles or Concert Ukuleles. The flat design allows the K-Stand to fit neatly inside a Gig Bag for easy storage and travel and instantly transforms into a sturdy support (see the Gallery for videos of K-Stand in use). Included with the stand is a soft pouch enclosure to protect your instrument’s finish while resting next to the K-Stand. This affordable hand-made instrument stand features Baltic Birch construction in a dark stain with a light protective matte finish. For or a more durable and attractive finish choose the Gloss for a slight upcharge.

Product shown is a 10-Inch K-Stand in Baltic Birch with a Dark Stain color and Matte finish.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for build and delivery.

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