Single Cut Designs

Single Cut Designs

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These designs are truly “functional art”. If you prefer a more custom K-Stand that further compliments your fine instrument then this K-Stand design is it. These unique versions are specially made using what we call “single-cut”. The major components of the stand are cut from a single piece of select wood to maintain the wood’s natural grain pattern across all the separate parts of the stand. These custom stands are not stained but oil-rubbed to enhance the natural color of the wood.

The flat design allows the K-Stand to fit neatly inside a Gig Bag for easy storage and travel and instantly transforms into a sturdy support (see the Gallery for videos of K-Stand in use). Included with the stand is a soft pouch enclosure to protect your instrument’s finish while resting next to the K-Stand.

K-Stands made as Single-Cut designs take approximately 3 to 6 weeks depending upon wood availability at the time of ordering. Shown is K-Stand for Acoustic Guitar made from Dark Walnut ($400)

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