Tsutomu; The Maui Hook

Tsutomu; The Maui Hook

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Tsutomu. This specially designed K-Stand Instrument Stand is patterned after the Maui Hook (as featured in the animated movie Moana). The arm is shaped to resemble the Maui Hook and uniquely designed to cradle your instrument securely whether it be a Guitar or an Ukulele. The edges are gently rounded for softer appearance that more closely resembles the ‘hook’ design. It is named after the designer, Keith Kimura’s father, Richard Tsutomu Kimura, who was born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Each Tsutomu model is created in his memory and is labeled and numbered.

The flat design allows the K-Stand to fit neatly inside a Gig Bag for easy storage and travel and instantly transforms into a sturdy support (see the Gallery for videos of K-Stand in use). Included with the stand is a soft pouch enclosure to protect your instrument’s finish while resting next to the K-Stand.

For an especially attractive instrument stand we can customize this design by cutting it from a single board (i.e., Walnut, Maple, etc.) as what we call a “single-cut” method. This enhances the appearance of the K-Stand Tsutomu by maintaining the woods grain pattern across all the separate pieces of the stand. For this selection choose Poplar, Maple, or Walnut.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for build and delivery.

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